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September 22nd, 2010, 09:21 AM
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Adrea Lenae We had been dating for a coupl of months. DH had a dream that we had got married and our first child was a girl and we named her Adrea. Well, a year later it happened. Her mn was a suggestion from someone online.

Ryne Everett DH played 2nd base and Ryne Sandberg from the Chicago Cubs was his favorite player. He asked me if we ever had a boy if we could use that name. I happened to like it so I said yes. Everett was a name I picked out that I liked and thought sounded good.

Brin Jakob We had a hard time deciding on Brins name. I wanted to name him Miles but DH didn't really like that name. We argued for months. He had a friend in the Navy named Bryn. We started talking about it and decided we would use that. We changed the Y to an I because we thought it was to close to the spelling of Ryne. Jakob is after DH's best friend.

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