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September 22nd, 2010, 01:11 PM
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Olivia Sydney I split up with Liv's dad the day I discovered I was pregnant and although he said he wanted to be involved he wasn't really into discussing names and only really came up with boys names. So girls names were completely down to me. Right from the start I loved Olivia, I just thought it was beautiful and I loved the nn's Liv and Livvy. I did consider Sydney int eh beginning as this was my grandad's name (I was v close to him, after my parents divorced I practically lived with him and my grandma and he died when I was ten) and I really wanted to honour him. But while I liked Sydney I just didn't love it. When I went into hospital I had a short-list of boys and girls names and as soon as I saw my baby I turned to my sister and said "She's Olivia." And she so is, the name is perfect for her. I wasn't sure on a mn at first and she was a couple of days old when I realised Sydney fit perfectly.

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