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September 22nd, 2010, 02:14 PM
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Alexandra Michelle-- A few months after DH and I started dating, we were having a conversation about marriage/kids (we both knew we wanted to get married and have kids) and we both blurted out at the SAME time that we loved the name Alexandra for a girl. That was 6 years ago. So we always knew if we had a daughter her name would be Alexandra. Michelle is my MIL's first name.

Aurora Lynn-- When I was about 5 weeks pregnant I put together a list of names that I liked since my DH just didn't want to take discussing baby names that seriously So one day I gave him my list and asked him if he even liked ANY of them. He looked at it. Waddled up the paper and threw it back at me. I got mad because I thought he wasn't taking it seriously like always... and he rolled his eyes and said he only liked ONE name on my entire list. So I was annoyed with him but I asked him which one he liked. It was Aurora. Which was my FAVORITE name on the list. He LOVES the name. And we gave her the middle name Lynn since both of her aunts have the middle name Lynn and we'd like to stick with family names as middle names.

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