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September 22nd, 2010, 04:45 PM
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My suggestion is not a quick method but I feel it will give a better long term investment. I have my own website, separate from the one from my product, where I am positioning myself as a business coach for people new to owning their own business or even considering it. This means I discuss different aspects of business, such as marketing, how to set up a website and defining your strengths and improving your weakness.

The goal is that I am providing information because I want to see new business owners succeed and if they are interested in working with me, they are welcome to join me in my direct sales business. One benefit is that hopefully by following along my website, they will be better educated on how to run their business and be more likely to succeed at it. That is my hope and goal anyways!

Like I said, this is an intensive effort and a long term investment!
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