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September 22nd, 2010, 09:42 PM
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Does the meaning of a name impact your opinion of it?
It does, I try to match things together and I know all my friends/exes/family and myself have all had discussions about the meaning behind our names and some of us had pretty amazing meanings...some of us did not and we weren't happy. So yes, it's important to me.

When naming your child, did you take the meaning into consideration?
I'm currently about to TTC my first, so it hasn't come into play yet, but yes absolutely I will take the meaning into consideration.

Do you have a favorite name meaning? A least favorite?
I have a lot of names with meanings I like and quite a few I've come across that I don't. I can't remember any I strongly disliked but I do like Aubrey: "Elvin king".
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