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September 22nd, 2010, 11:56 PM
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Abrinna: nms. It feels made up to me, and doesn't flow very easily off my tongue.
Alyssa: Pretty, but I prefer Alison.
Beatrice: nms
Clara: Love this name!
Corinne: Love this name!
Delilah: love the name, but don't care for the biblical character, so it would be a no-go for me.
Felicity: nms. I always think of somebody who is really snobby when I hear this name.
Kailey: I like it, not my favorite on your list though as I prefer more traditional names. I have a hard time seeing this one age well.
Mariella: ok
Orianna: nms
Priscilla: I HATE the nn Prissy, so would probably not pick this name.
Sirene: Pretty, but I like it spelled Serene.
Tricia: nms, feels dated to me.
Trixie: nms, and I don't feel like it is a name that ages well.

Clara Serene
Clara Anne
Clara Brielle
Clara Elise
Clara Lisette
Clara Simone
Clara Lucia

Corrine Adele
Corrine Lucille
Corrine Anneliese
Corrine Lucia
Corrine Marie
Corrine Joy
Corrine Hope
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