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September 23rd, 2010, 12:45 AM
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What do you think a naming style says about you as a person or as a parent? I think it says more about the parent's personality than their parenting style.

Do you think a naming style reflects who you are as a person and who you hope your children will in turn become? I think in some cases it can. If you've got a set of parents who name their kids George, Elizabeth, William, and James - that crosses me as a family with parents who have hopes of their children being doctors, lawyers, politicians, and the like. And, they probably have a more conservative or strict parenting style.
If you have a family who uses names like River, Ruby, and Daisy, I could see those parents with hopes that their children will do right by the environment, eat and buy only organic, and the like. And then, parents with children named Lucy, Charlie, Angelica, and Cobain would be more interested in their children going into the arts, acting, singing/performing, and the like.

No, it's not a 100% for sure thing. I was so surprised when my most artsy, anti-mainstream friends named their son Adam 4 years ago. It was just so plain and normal for them. I was really expecting something like Rafferty, Gray, Stone, or something like that.

Do your choices in anyway reflect how you parent/will parent? Again, it's not 100% across the board, no. But, I have seen a pattern of more conservative parents (with more of an authoritarian parenting style) stick to more traditional names and more "hippy" parents choose less traditional names.

Do you have judgements or opinions on those who have an opposite naming style of your own? Not really as I see myself as more of a moderate when it comes to my naming style and parenting style.

If you have children, does the image of the name on a child in your mind fit your actual child? Max is perfect for him. I really can't imagine him by any other name. Isabella could go by another name, but I have never come across a name that said it was more her name than Isabella is.
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