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September 23rd, 2010, 12:57 AM
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Isabella Alica - We just loved Isabella before we TTC'ed and stuck with it. Alica is after my mom's twin sister who passed away in 1994. She was almost like a 2nd mom to me as I saw her all the time since my mom and she were so close.

Max Anthony - We just loved Max. Anthony is after FIL.

Theo Thomas - We just love Theo. Thomas is after FIL's grandpa.

Jack Henry - We love this full name and it is FIL's dad's name. If we didn't already have a Max, we'd have highly considered it for Theo.

I first suggested all of our children's names to Dh. He has never come up with one on his own. He did like the idea of naming all three of our sons up his line of men although he does not want a son with his name for a mn. But, if we were to ever have another son, we'd have to, almost. Otherwise, the boy would be named after his great, great, great grandpa and I think that's just too far removed for any real significance.

For another baby, I have these picked out:

Rhys Timothy - I like Rhys with our other kids names and on its own. Timothy, obviously, after his daddy.

Liliana Katherine "Lily Kate" - Liliana because we love it. Both of Dh's grandmas are Katherine/Kathryns, so it's appropriate.

I mentioned this in another thread and I didn't do it on my purpose, but all three of my boys have names of characters that Clive Owen has played. I think he is such a hottie!!! We even had Owen picked out for the first half of Max's pregnancy and were going to use it for one of these boys if we didn't come up with anything else we loved more.
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