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September 23rd, 2010, 03:04 AM
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Zane Gibson-Porter-
we knew we weren't going to name our kids until after birth, we wanted to meet them and have their name really fit them. But we of course worked on a list during pregnancy...when our nephew was born in Dec my SIL asked for naming help again and I pulled up my name list to make sure not to share our faves with her, so DH looked at my list and saw Zane and said he really liked it. And it wasn't on our initial 4 name list we narrowed it down too. And it started growing on me. DS was born 7 weeks after my nephew and after he was born we felt like Zane was the name for him. (how I got the name Zane...was my sister's friends older brother's were Zack and Zane and I thought Zane was a cool name. I was obsessed with names ever since I could remember, Zane is one of the few names that survived the list since then until now)

We got Gibson, also ironically from my sister's other friend's lil brother, his name was Gibson and I thought it was cool, so I put it on my list and DH liked it too especially with the Gibson brand guitars, as he plays the guitar and we thought it sounded good with Zane.

Porter is DH's middle name which he's named after his great grandpa that I think he met only once as a baby, so we picked DH's middle name for his other middle name, because we knew too we wanted out kids to have double middle names- to be different and to honor family.

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