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September 23rd, 2010, 08:27 AM
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What do you think a naming style says about you as a person or as a parent?
I think my naming style says a lot about me as a person and who I hope to become as a parent. I have always been drawn towards the more uncommon and artistic names and I feel that those names best represent who I am and how I will parent.

Do you think a naming style reflects who you are as a person and who you hope your children will in turn become?
I think my naming style totally reflects who I am as a person. My style seems to be less main stream/conservative and more inspired by the arts/literature, which reflects my creative and imaginative side. I definitely hope that my children pick-up my creativeness and I feel by giving them a name outside of the "norm" it will set them apart from the get go.

Do your choices in anyway reflect how you parent/will parent?
Since I am very creative and seem to gravitate more towards the creative/eccentric names, I feel like as a parent I will be creative and tend to parent "outside the box" and with creative flair!

Do you have judgements or opinions on those who have an opposite naming style of your own?
I am guilty of carying judgements on those who have the opposite naming style as myself. I find that I feel that parents who choose names that are common are probably very traditional in parenting and on the religious/conservative end. And that parents who choose names that are hippy-ish are parents that are free-spirited and parent in alternative ways.
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