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September 23rd, 2010, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Wisey View Post
I think you need to get the kids some type of help. Help on their speech and mental help too.

I wish you the best in this situation.
Originally Posted by K.A.T View Post
Talk to your DH first and foremost. Then take both boys to see a counselor to discuss these issues.

When it comes to the feelings between the ex and your DH, stay out it. She sounds like trouble and is only doing things to try and see how far she can push you.

With the child support, back support or current, bankruptcy does not clear you from it. That is the kind of debt a person cannot get rid of, just like student loans.
Couldn't agree more.

My DH's ex is quick to point out that I'm not a party to the case every time we go to court, but she had no trouble leaving the kids with me last summer when she had custody and Neely was out of town. It's quite annoying.
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