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September 23rd, 2010, 04:15 PM
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I never have a problem coming up with them, I just have a problem narrowing down to one. We're not even pregnant yet but I've been thinking about a list, I had it on a back burner for a while and it's been falling into the forefront of my mind lately so I thought I'd share it and get your opinions...I like names that have a great significance, not so much on family but a strong biblical character or historical character...DH is ok as long as its a 'normal-old schoolish' name.

1. Helen Ivy - I really like it and so does DH, I always liked Helen Keller.

2. Janessa Kathaleen - Yes the MN is spelled like that bc its after MIL. I am not a huge huge fan of Janessa but it sounded good together and I like the NN 'nessie' .. I can't use Vanessa because that is our niece's mn, I know it might still be up for grabs I just don't like using names other family members have used, just a pet peeve.

3. Naomi Ruth - I'm worried it might sound too cliche' after the characters Naomi and Ruth in the bible, but I like how they sound together and I really love the characters.

4. Harriet Rose - I like the character Harriet Tubman & I love the nn Hattie, surprisingly DH likes it too.

5. Doreen ? - In all honesty IDK if this should really be on the list but I like the nn Dory, have no MN or character behind it.

6. Ava Catharine - I have always liked the name Ava but worried about its popularity.

7. Juliette Florence - I love the name Juliet, I think its one of the most beautiful sounding names. And Florence is after my g.grandmother whom I never met but always heard stories about what a wonderful woman she was.

8. Margaret Edna - I had a dream about 5 months ago that I gave birth to a baby girl and her name was Maggie, and Edan is my maternal grandmother's name whom I absolutely adore and would love to honor her with a namesake. She's one of those gals who won't let you get away with anything but will support you no matter what.

9. Hazel Sara - Hazel is DH's grandma's name and Sara is a name we both really like.

10. Felicity ? - Not after the TV show, I just always liked it because it means "Happiness"

So, what do you think?
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