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September 23rd, 2010, 05:30 PM
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what do you think a naming style says about you as a person or as a parent? In most circumstances I don't think it effects parenting at all. I personally just choose a name I think is nice, something pretty or handsome. I met a lady who was pretty straight laced & high class and from what I saw was a pretty strict parent who had children named "stone & ridge" and I also have known plenty of trashy parents who don't give a hooot about their kids with Elizabeth's, Victoria's or Michael's so sometimes I wonder if its the opposite effect... someone desiring to be something they are not? Who knows! I don't think there can really be any association at all with parenting styles & naming styles.

Do you think a naming style reflects who you are as a person and who you hope your children will in turn become? my hopes in a career for my child never in my life occured to me while choosing a name and when I think about what I would name my children if I wanted them to be something wonderful, really most of the Dr's names I have ever come across have had some really wacky ones I definitely named her in "hopes" of her not to be teased about her name, in hopes she would like it and that if for some reason she wasn't the most gorgeous girl in the class the name didn't amplify it, ya know...ike Murgatroyd or Gertrude! So in that sense I took it into consideration.

Do your choices in anyway reflect how you parent/will parent?
I don't think so. But like I said, I don't associate a name with parenting styles because I have seen to many varieties that just wouldnt fit the profile. But I think I am just your average girl striving for a happy family with happy children.

Do you have judgements or opinions on those who have an opposite naming style of your own?
Not at all. I love it because it makes my favorite names more unique!

If you have children, does the image of the name on a child in your mind fit your actual child?
Definitely, I can't imagine her anything but a Layla
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