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September 23rd, 2010, 11:27 PM
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My absolute favorite is Juliette Florence . LOVE IT! Naomi is one of my absolute favorite biblical names for a girl, but I don't really care for the cliche of pairing it with Ruth. Plus, I've never really liked the name Ruth. I like Naomi with virtue names for the mn:
Naomi Grace
Naomi Joy
Naomi Hope

I also think it could sound nice with some of your other names on your list:
Naomi Edna
Naomi Florence

The names that are nmsaa from your list are:
Harriet: I really dislike the nn Hattie
Doreen: the full name feels dated to me, and with how popular Finding Nemo has been, I wouldn't really want a child with the nn Dory... that's just me!

If you are worried about popularity, then I would definitely remove Ava Catharine, even though I think it is a beautiful name.

I think you have so many names with strong meanings to choose from, I probably wouldn't choose Janessa when you don't seem to love it and are just picking it because you want to use that particular mn.

I love the nn Maggie, but am not crazy about Edna. What about honoring your grandma by picking a different mn that started with E? Margaret Elise comes to mind.

Hope that helped some! Good luck!
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