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September 24th, 2010, 05:30 AM
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1. Helen Ivy - I like the names but not together.

2. Janessa Kathaleen - I am not a fan of Janessa. It looks made up to me, and plus there are so many ways say it for me. Juh-nessa, Jan-essa...

3. Naomi Ruth - This is one of my favorites!

4. Harriet Rose - I would be scared of the nn children will give her.

5. Doreen ? - I think Mary Doreen is cute. and your right Doreen is really hard to pair with a middle name.

6. Ava Catharine - Really popular, but a very classic name.

7. Juliette Florence - I love the name Juliet, I think its one of the most beautiful sounding names. And Florence is after my g.grandmother whom I never met but always heard stories about what a wonderful woman she was.

8. Margaret Edna - I would reverse the names. Edna Margaret is really pretty and you can always call her Maggie.

9. Hazel Sara - I would again reverse the names. Its a flow thing, and Im weird but they dont flow right to me this way.

10. Felicity ? - This is in our list as well. And I love it too, but its really hard to match as well.

I like your names. Very classic names.
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