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September 24th, 2010, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Martha83 View Post
how do you do it yourself?
It's really easy! (As so it sounds and from what my friend tells me) The supplies to do it are cheaper than paying someone to do it as well.
-a steamer basket
-a pot
-size 00 empty capsules
-a pestel and mortar or blender or coffee grinder
-a lemon, ginger root, pepper and if you want/wish to add any dried herbs
-an empty glass jar
-baking tray

you don't need a dehydrator an oven on the lowes temp works just fine It's best to do the encapsulation within 48 hours after birth, keeps more of the nutrients, etc. If your going to do it within the 48hours keep it in the fridge in double ziploc bags or a bowl with a sealed lid....longer than that should put it in the freezer but then you have to let it thaw for a full 24 hours before you clean and steam it.

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