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June 28th, 2006, 12:55 PM
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Well on thursday i went for my 40 week appointment hoping to get some answers on to when things were going to happen..i went in and my doctor wasnt there so i got stuck with a guy anyways he told me that it could be another 1-2 weeks untill dylan came but once he found out i was in the hospital before to try and get induce (which didnt work) and that i had high blood pressure he decided to do it again..i told him i wasnt sure about going in again because most likely ill just get sent i get in and then call my boyfriend and he comes..not to long after they put a balloon inside me hoping that would help make me dialate more because the pill didnt work..after like maybe 2 hours i went from 1 and a half cm to 3 and a half so they then decided to break my felt so weird and when i went to the bathroom it just kept coming out like i peed myself lol...well the contractions were terrible!! and what mad it worse was that my back hurted so much.. They also gave me mag which made me really hot..they gave it to me because of my high blood pressure..they did give me a epidural and when they were doing it my boyfriend was infront of me holding my hand and i kept falling asleep because of the med the doctors gave me so after only making it to 4 and a half cm my blood pressure was in the 160's and they decided to do a c section..So they got me ready and form what i remember they put the spinal in and layed me down really quick...I was freaking out a little and kept asking where my boyfriend was and the doctor told me he went back to go get the camera and all i kept thinking was "what if he doesnt come back? will he make it?" soon enough he was there and he kept holding my hand..He did watch them do the c section but he never left my side..the minute i heard my little boy cry i wanted to cry soo bad but i held it in! the way it was freezing inside the room..I was shaking so bad i wasnt sure if it was from the meds or if it was because of the room.. They brought dylan over so i could see him and when i looked at him he opened his eyes!!! was dylan was born on friday morning (the 23rd) at 7:55 am weighing 8 pounds 2.5 oz and was 20 inches was all worth it and id do it again if i had to

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