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September 25th, 2010, 03:36 PM
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Say, "Irish Wristwatch."
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Name: Elena

Age: 28 (29 on October 30)

Family status (SO + kids): No SO, single mama by choice. I had and planned both children alone. I have two daughters, K almost 7, and E almost 5.

Do you have a favorite topic?: Here and there, anything really.

Is there anything about which you are particularly knowledgeable?: Depends on what you'd consider knowledgeable. As far as kids and parenting goes, I'm a radical unschooler and have had two unassisted childbirths, so I pretty well know about those two things better than someone who isn't a practitioner of such things, but I don't pretend to have all the answers either. Uh, outside of kids, I know about running small businesses, agriculture, raising animals, gardening, and travel.

Your hot button issue?: My berserk buttons are child abuse (including spanking or whichever euphemism you want to use), gay marriage (for), mandatory education, and separation of church and state in the US. Oh, and say anything bad about my heart-home Canada or New York City (center of the known universe), and I'm coming after you.
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