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September 26th, 2010, 02:03 PM
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I was on it last pregnancy had 1 adjustment was fine until delivery.This time around was on it almost from the begining and had it adjusted every week until the maxed me out and put me on insulin on Wednesday.We really have to pay attention to everything we put in our mouths.Whatever we eat for dinner or for asnack after affects our night time dose or glyburide big time we are not up moving around to work that off all night.Fruits even though we are told we normally need them are full of natural sugars that are not good for us.Us green vegetables. Are good for us so salads are great.we can have our proteins to help we have to watch our carb intake as wellBreads Pastas are all not our friend if he eat then a lot. If you eat a bagel only eat half. It sounds funny but a burger with no bun is better than with a ice cream as we pregnant woman are rumored to love .its a little pricy I have been introduced to boost with glucose control during my recent admission for high sugars due to betamethazone injections I have been dilated to 2 cm for the last 3 taste good some of you may want to try it.I have found I can't even drink crystal light now it affects my sugars.I hate needles to but the stick from the glucometer actually hurts worse than the insulin needle.I think once I was given the insulin it makes me pay more attention to what I'm eating .My son was already weighing in at 3 lbs at 27 weeks.We got to get this under control if we don't want to have 10-11 lb babies due to our hard headedness.
1 week to go induction on appointment and next ultrasound 9Nov10.Zion Khamani mommy can't wait to meet you.

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