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September 27th, 2010, 08:21 AM
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I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem. I was put on Glyburide one week after diagnosis and last Friday, after 2 weeks taking it, they told me to start taking it at dinner not at bedtime, but it hasn't helped. Since they mentioned upping it to twice a day I went ahead and incresed it to twice a day but 2 mornings in a row now I have had high fasting sugars. I really do not want to give myself shots.

I drink the Boost Glucose Control Shakes although they are almost $9 @ Wal-mart. They keep me more satisfied but haven't noticed any difference in my sugars.

My husband found these protein shakes that are only 6g carbs. They are filling as welland help during snack time. EAS, AdvantEDGE CarbControl. I drink the chocolate. They are almost $5 @ Wal-Mart for a pack of 4 but almost $9 at Wal-greens!!! They are also more expensive at my grocery store, Food Lion.

Also, I cannot drink zero carb Sprite, only had it twice and each time my sugars were way out of whack. I sometimes think that even the artificial sweeteners or something causes issues.

I have read that spinach helps regulate blood sugar. Does anyone have any specific greens or other foods that seem to help?
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