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September 27th, 2010, 08:21 AM
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Okay...Here it goes!

I'm Amber
I was born & raised in Louisiana. Yes, I'm a country girl!
My Dad was a police officer & my mother was a hibitual liar.
When I was 12, my mother told me (along with everyone else) that she had a brain tumor & was dying. During that time, she pulled my sister & I out of school & made us run her in-home childcare ALONE. She would go off during the day & come back right before the parents came to pick their kids up. We had 14 children, all under the age of 3, in our home.
My Mom, during this time, manipulated alot of people, including the Police Dept my Dad worked at, & took ALOT of money ($64,000) to pay for "medical bills".
Well, every lie comes out at some point, so when I was 15, my Mom got caught & was being endighted for investigation.
SO, My Dad & my mother decided to move us to Texas to try to run from this (After my Dad decided he wasn't going to divorce my Mom for this horrific thing) & we settled in nicely. I was sitting in World History in 10th grade & automatically fell in-love with the boy behind me, Dylan. Little did I know, one day that boy would be my husband.
Within the first year, my Mom cheated on my Dad & got a divorce. Within that year, they both got convicted & January 05', they both went to prison. My Mom for fraud (5yrs) & my Dad for falsely accused conspiracy (3.5yrs).
During that time, I had to grow up ALOT! My sister (18 at the time) got custody of my brother & I (I was 15 & he was 7). My sister & I got a paper route & both had full-time jobs to pay for a home for us & our brother.
Needless to say, I didn't have time to have a serious relationship with Dylan, but we couldn't pull ourselves away from one another, so over a 4-year time span, we were on & off about 20 times. haha
So, in 2008, Dylan & I made a HUGE sporadic decision & we got married!
I just went for it & it was the best choice I have ever made for ME!
My sister & brother moved in with my grandparents until my Dad got out, which was only a couple months away. It worked out nicely.
Once Dylan & I got hitched, we knew right away we wanted kids pronto!
I got pregnant right away & lost it within days of finding out.
I thought I should see a doctor immediatly, as RPL, PCOS, Endo, (ect) run in my family. I saw my first RE for 1 year. We did a feritlity work-up, SA, HSG, etc. Everything came back perfect. During that year, I had 3 more miscarriages, all clomid induced. One was at 11.5 weeks, so I had to have a D&C to remove the particles. Hard time of my life.
In November 2009, we decided to see another RE, so we did. Within 5 minutes of my appointment, we did an u/s & diagnosed me with PCOS. B/W to confirm.
I was devastated but also relieved to FINALLY have an answer. I was hopeful again! So, my doctor put me on Metforming & said that should prevent future miscarriages. So, I thought, "This is Great! I will get pregnant again & it will live!" I will be a Mommy soon!! WRONG!
I have not gotten pregnant in 1.5yrs now. I know something has changed & I'm scared to know what. Blocked tube, bad egg, I don't know.
Well, my doctor suggests we do an IUI with Injectables soon, as I have done 6 rounds of clomid with no success this year. Well, luckily, the ARMY covers most, if not all, of the costs of an IUI, so we decided to see our original RE again for cost reasons. I have my first appointment with him in late Oct or early Nov. I have hope again.
So, as of right now, I live in North Carolina with my incredible husband, I have the best NC Army family I could ask for, I am a SAHW, & I truly am thankful for the cards I have been dealt! I'm a firm believer tha life is what you make it & I have worked so hard to make mine amazing! The only thing that could make my life complete would be a baby Dylan & I made with our love. We have so much to offer & I can't wait to share it all with our rainbow baby!
Soo, that's me!

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