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September 27th, 2010, 08:29 AM
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New to this board. I'm on the feb 2011 as well. i'm expecting a little girl 2/9/11 and I have a son who just turned 2.

So my MIL has always been "cheap" when it comes to gifts for our son and stuff like that. She called the other day for a consignment store asking if we wanted an out side kiddie picnic set for the backyard... I said no thanks... Husband ask why I wouldn't let her buy it, we had been talking about getting one for our son, i said that I didn't know what color or material it was or what condition it was in or if there were any safety recalls on it etc which was the truth. He wasn't happy but he kind of understood in a "my wife is so paranoid" kind of way lol. So Yesterday we celebrated our sons birthday with her. Weeks earlier she has asked what we wanted for him and we said he needed footy pjs because winter was coming and he is out growing the ones he has. We even explicitly asked that she NOT to buy him toys he literally has a ROOM full of toys he doesn't even care about she went ahead and bought him one anyway... It's some stupid bear that read these stories in THE MOST ANNOYING VOICE EVER... I've never heard of it so i googled it this morning... I can't find it anywhere I did how ever find out that it first came out in 1998... So my only assumption is she bought it at a consignment store or something along those lines which is extra annoying to me .... everything she buys him is from garage sales and thrift shops etc which is OK IF you take the time to really look at what you are buying... we have gotten shirts with stains, pants that the elastic is worn out of, soft toys that are just dirty and dingy looking, toys that just blatantly don't work the list goes on. So to me buying something you were asked not to for your grandson's birthday from a consignment shop is infuriating to me... She has money...she's just cheap when it comes to gifts... She has 2 houses and a brand new car she's not hurting for money trust me on that. When random gifts come his way i always expect them to be "crap" but seriously for his birthday you can't be bothered to get something nice for him.... I mean we didn't want toys in the first place but if she was going to get him one it could have been something better.... OH and we did get pjs ... not footy pjs like we asked and not even warm enough for winter.

I don't want this to come across as I'm stuck up or greedy I'm not at all BUT i don't want him to get crap gifts... I garage sale sometime when I have cash i'm not against it there are some really good finds out there. I'm not against that at all but i would never use that stuff for a birthday gift. Alot of my sons clothes when we came home from the hospital came from garage sales that my mom and I went to... i picked out the clothes that were in good quality etc. I tend to steer clear of toys lately because of all the recalls with lead paint and stuff ... and you never know how old they are. I also almost never buy plush from a garage sale... makes me nervous because if they have animals or something the dander stays forever and it's hard to wash stuffed animals and other plush things
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