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September 27th, 2010, 04:47 PM
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No, not really... I have a completely different cooking style and cook completely different foods from what their mother made, though. The only complaints I get, are because my husband's son, eats like my husband. Seriously dislikes vegetables, but I make him eat them anyways. I season them so they're not gross and vegetable like.

I do macaroni & cheese and chicken nugget type things about twice a week, but I pair it with vegetables. Like, I'll put peas and tuna in the macaroni & cheese, so it's more like a casserole. Or I'll put broccoli with the macaroni & cheese. When we have chicken nuggets, I pair it with sweet potatoes that are cut like french fries, and some other kind of vegetable. Sooo, they get the "kid friendlier foods" but they get the veggies, too.
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