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September 27th, 2010, 05:15 PM
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It was a little after my time, but I grew up watching shows *like* that where kids are more free range, which was more a reflection of real life than it is for most kids now, sadly. It wasn't abnormal to me at all that the kids on the TV shows I watched were unsupervised or loosely supervised; that was basically true to life for me at least. I was born in 81 and am probably 5-10 years before the hyperparenting generation took over, I'm lucky I escaped it.

My kids don't watch it, I don't have netflix and I don't have them watch any of the kids TV channels except for PBS anyway. I don't mind them watching the actual shows, I just mind the insane advertising sending them the wrong messages. We buy/rent kids TV on DVD if they want to watch it, but they've grown up on more adult TV and don't really seem to like much of the kids stuff, other than Looney Toons.
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