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September 27th, 2010, 06:52 PM
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I'm Martha...Hopeful homebirther.

I have four kiddos. The first three were in the hospital....First one was induced on her EDD because the doctor said he was fearful I MIGHT develop PreE. Also, he was on call ugh....Labor was 9.5 hours from start of pit and I was stuck in the bed on my back or sides and had no epi or anything...had episiotomy since being stuck on my back made it where baby's head wasn't coming out the angle it should have been so the doctor had to push her head back up so she'd tuck her chin down more and slide on out...
My second I was induced at 39 weeks technically...we had two EDD's one was the 8th one was the 20th...I was induced on the 14th...depends on which day you go by....for no reason other than to get the baby out (rolls eyes)....This labor was 4.5 hours and was the same amount of intensity as the first just crammed in 4.5 hours....I had a shot of nubain to help me regain control in between contrax...which didn't do what they said it'd do and instead I was just wanting to sleep....
My third birth was induced a couple days after her EDD for no other reason than to get her out. *ugh at myself* after pit was administered labor was 1.5 hours long. (again, same amount of intensity as the first and second labor just in a shorter time)....Though I didn't need anything with this labor pain wise....still...stuck in bed...etc....

The other half of my staying away from hospitals is the OTHER crap...the IV's....the BP checks...the temp checks...the blood checks...the "have you fed your baby" checks....the diaper checks...the friggin everything's totally obnoxious.

My fourth, I was determined to have an out of hospital experience. In the town we have babies in there was a freestanding birth center. We ended up having Olive there. Labor started ON IT'S OWN on the night before her EDD. I labored for a total of 18 hours. She was born in the water and 6 hours later we were in our OWN bed! *aaahhhhhhh* so nice!

I'm praying I can bring dh over to the homebirth side of things. So far no luck AND the birth center is no longer in operation. WAH. I dont want to go back to the hospital if at all possible. *pouts*
Momma to Emma, Elzie, Gretchen, Olive, and Rogan

We aren't to give a baby milk, berries, or peanut butter. We are to introduce new foods one at a time. But it's OK to inject several viruses, bacteria, aluminum, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, animal serum, mercury, squalene and more into an 8 week old? I don't think so.
In order to be healthy it is an unfortunate fact that people must be allowed the opportunity to be ill. I trust my body and those of my children to work correctly against the relatively benign diseases they vax for, and do not trust the ingredients in the vaccinations.
Our choice to not vax isn't based in ignorance, poverty, conspiracy theory and rumor. It's research, common sense, fact and evidence based..something the medical community has largely forgot about.
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