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September 27th, 2010, 09:47 PM
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Hi, I'm Kaite and I just started lurking. I have Maddie who is 8 months old. I was born at home, along with 3 of my 4 siblings. My mom pushed for a homebirth with Maddie, but the 1 dr who would come to home births, passed away, and I didn't know what my options were. I said I wanted to try a hosp birth b/c I was sure things had changed since my mom had a horrible experience(dr cut my sis's head during the episiotomy, made my mom take a shower before she could hold her baby, etc). hosp birth was horrible. I was in labor for 34 hours, 27 before I freaked out and got the epi. The nurse came in every hour trying to force pit on me, when my water had just broken. The nurse told me to stop pushing b/c she'd have to do paperwork if she delivered the baby before the dr came. My epi was horrible and I still suffer from pain from it. After Maddie was born, they said her temp was high, and I held her for a minute before they took her from me. Then I was told she was jaundice and had to be on the bilibed and couldn't hold her(no one told me there was a blanket option)...also after researching, her levels were not high at ALL! The first time I got up to use the bathroom I almost passed out and the nurse yelled at me b/c I said I was ready when clearly I wasn't. Those are just SOME of the things off the top of my head.

I was considering a birth in a birthing center but now I am leaning toward homebirth. DH is on board with it, I think he was scarred by my hosp birth and willing to try anything for a better experience. We won't be TTC till June or July of 2011, but I want to be prepared when it happens.

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