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September 28th, 2010, 09:37 AM
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Oh yes, I get the attitude about what I make & how I make it. He's always "allergic" to everything I make. I used to get annoyed, now I just ignore him & let him be. If his father wants to allow him to be treated like a baby (which he is, spoiled rotten, gets what he wants all the time, complains & they do what he says), then that's their issue, they're the parents & I'm not in control of that. I don't care. I gave up trying to control how he ate healthy.

If they don't like what I make, they don't eat it, they starve. Last night I made something w/ shrimp in it, DH hates seafood/shellfish, he decided not to eat dinner. Oh well... he could have had a hot dog or a sandwich. Why should the rest of the family NOT eat a product b/c of 1 person? He also hates all veggies except corn, potatoes & carrots, nothing else, no greens, nothing. If I fed my kids what my DH liked only, they would eat chicken & steak w/ potatoes & carrots w/ corn on the cob every single day! No thank you. They need some greens, color, some variety. My kids eat brussel sprouts & spinach. If you raise your kids on variety, they'll like it. At least in my household.

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