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June 28th, 2006, 08:14 PM
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I became a grandma for the 1st time last week. A beautiful baby boy!!! Having a few anxieties over the whole thing though. My son and his wife live here in town just a few blocks away with "her" parents. I have never been able to have a relationship with my DIL no matter what I have tried. She is her momma's pride and joy and a total momma's girl, even now that she married. Her mother is very controlling and my son deals well with the situation so I try not to make waves. Any ways, how do I have a relationship with my gs. He is a week old and I have seen him 3 times. I have got to hold him each time, but he has been asleep. Today my heart broke when after telling ds I was coming over after work to see my GS, I showed up and my DIL yell across the house "it's your mom" and took off with gs to the other room. When he came to the door he said it would be awhile because she was nursing. I said, "it's just gma", he said he knew but I could wait. I felt myself getting upset so I told him I was tired from work and would go on home. I want so bad to be part of his life. I find myself being a little jealous of the other gma because she get's so much time with him. Any advice???? I am not a meddling MIL and don't want to stir up trouble. DS knows of my concerns and tells me not too worry, but I see lots of reasons to worry.
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