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June 28th, 2006, 09:24 PM
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Thank you for remembering! DH and I went together this afternoon to a perinatal clinic. First a nurse gave us all the usual crap about, "Well, mcs do happen, and there's probably nothing we can tell you". Then we spent an hour (ugh) waiting for the doctor, which I filled by thinking this was probably a total waste of time, given the nurse's attitude and the fact that work has been absolutely insane this week and I really didn't have the time to sit there today (although they can get over it at work). But things got better when the doctor (finally, a doctor!) showed up. We ended up getting bloodwork done for chromosomal testing and I got more taken for whatever else they test for - I think it is diabetes, clotting disorders, and maybe thyroid. I'm thinking it's likely that everything comes back negative, and honestly, I would be thrilled with that. I just don't want to have to get pg again and wonder the whole time if maybe it's just my thyroid and I'm needlessly mcing over and over again when it's treatable. Or wonder if we have a more serious problem that we should know about it if we want to ttc again. At this point, I think I've accepted that mc is a part of life (as much as I hate it when the nurses tell me that), and like someone said a few days ago, I will probably keep trying until we get a "take home baby", as the doctor put it today.

So I'm glad we went, although it was hard emotionally to tell my story again to new people. I really liked the doctor, especially because she seemed all about doing early monitoring, and even though I'm not sure I want an ultrasound at 4wks it's nice to know that we would have the option. The only thing that bothered me about her was when she said, "You're really young, so I wouldn't even worry about this. You have plenty of time to have kids." I thought that was pretty insensitive, because 1) I wanted these babies, or I wouldn't even have been there, and 2) part of why I'm worried is my age (25), because your twenties are supposed to be good years for fertility, so what's wrong with me?

But otherwise, I really liked her, and she really went to bat for us in getting all the testing, and didn't treat us like we were paranoid or tell us to go home and wait for another mc or anything.

I'll let you know when I get the test results back. She said the chromosome one could take a few weeks.


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