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September 29th, 2010, 06:50 AM
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Okkkaaayyyy...I may be going overboard because I LOVE pictures!

Dylan & I when we first got together in 05"

Dylan graduating from Basic/AIT

The day Dylan proposed

My "wedding" day (JOP)

Our first house

My new Car

This is a little depressing but our FIRST BFP!!!

Dylan in Iraq

A trip we took to a mountaintop cabin in the Smoky Mountains

My best friend & I

Dylan & our Furbabies

Macy & Morgan in their name shirts I made for Daddys homecoming

My babes on Halloween

Macy watching the fish

The night Dylan came home from a deployment (Good night)

Haha! I made a "Welcome Home" sign for Dylan but taped it backward! Silly me

Christmas Picture

Us & our snowman

Me on the Beach

Going to the Midnight Premiere of New Moon *Team Edward*

Eating Lemon Sorbetto in Wilmington on the pier

Getting my tattoo...Ouch! lol

Myself in NYC at Butter (A famous celeb restaurant)

Smoky Mountain trail

Dylan & I in VA at Busch Gardens

My sister, brother, & myself

Us at Medieval Times

We found a jellyfish! (Dead, ofcourse)

Enjoying fresh seafood beachside (Did I mention the beach is my 2nd home?)

Beach, again

Family Pictures 2010

Dylan's Bday

Okay...Think I added enough?? hehe

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