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September 29th, 2010, 07:28 PM
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Originally Posted by doremi View Post
Nope, that sibset wouldn't bother me one bit. I DO notice if there are two fn's that START with the same letter and then one that doesn't. If it is two boys and a girl, such as Ryan, Robert & Sarah, it doesn't bother me. If there are two or three of the same gender and one has a different starting letter than all the others in the sibset, it bothers me. Also, I think ending combos can stick out. For instance, if the other sibset names end in -on and then one doesn't.

I don't notice it unless it's a rare letter like X or Z...maybe even O.

Max, Xane, and Joe does look funny to me.

Theo, Oliver, and Luke look a little funny to me.

Now, what I do notice is when all the siblings but one have a double letter, like:
Charlotte, Wyatt, and Sadie
Elliott, Lilliana, and Zack
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