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September 30th, 2010, 06:22 PM
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I think we are now pretty sure that a first son of ours will not only be named after DH but after my dad too, I had thought about just giving a first son a first name that me and DH just love and then a middle name after DH and then do the same for a second son but the middle name after my dad instead but we of course don't know if we will even have one boy, nevermind more than one boy and it is really important for me to have a son named after my dad, we are very close.

My dads name is Jacob Michael III ''Jack'' (he had 4 daughters and each time he wanted to carry the name on but I couldn't so one of the reasons why I think it'd be nice) and my husbands name is Nathan Thomas.

Our last name is Manning.

Which do you prefer? Thanks!

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