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October 2nd, 2004, 12:50 AM
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OMG i swear i hate the stupid police!!!!!!! they issued a warrant out for my arrest for a STUPID 60 dollar ticket for get this...being in a park after hours!! they actually arrested me for it last year!! and me and my friends were only out there after hours because our car broke down and we needed a jump so we called the police to see if they could help us and they ARRESTED us like criminals (but set us out with a PR bond of course) and said "we are NOT a service to this public!" oh really? you are not to protect and SERVE???? puleez @ssholes!!!! then i got a warrant issued out because i refused to pay it it wasnt our fault that we were stuck there...if we were really up to no good then why the heck would WE call the police to come out there?!!! anyway what really gets me is that they also gave out my babys father a ticket for the same thing and my best friend too(they were there that night) and my babys father has a criminal history he was on probation for 2.5 years and drug stuff and etc and he hasnt paid ANY child support and that should automatically be turned into a warrant after like 90 days or so and its been 18months! and he got pulled over last week and he has NO warrants for anything!!! and neither does my friend who has a minor criminal history(well like misdemeanor stuff) but they decided to issue ME ONLY a freaking warrant and i dont have a LICK of history!!!! i wanna cry because then for the unpaid ticket they suspended my drivers license!!!!!! and now i need new tags and to transfer the title into my name and i need proof of insurance and i need to pay to reinstate my license and i need to pay off the ticket...and geico and progressive wont even ACCEPT me....ive had 1 accident and 2 citations in the past 3 years....i cant afford on a very limited income...called welfare to work(where you have to work to get government aid) and its only a monthly income and its not much....the one insurance that did quote me was 1398 per 6 months!! i wanna die!!! i dont know how to do this by myself...ive put so much money into this car (like 1500) since last mom gave my younger brother 500 dollars for a down payment for a car and helped him pay for the weekly payments and dad helped get him another car...and my mom wont help me at all when it comes to mine(she did give me the car because they never used it since they had other cars but obviously its a piece of crap considering how much ive put into it over the last 12 months!!)im soooo depressed its not even funny...i need that car beyond belief...and its gonna also cost 200 dollars this month to get it fixed with the 300 dollars in tickets that i have, the 50 reinstatement fee, the 70 for my renewal plates, the 65 dollars for the title transfer fee, and with like 200 for some insurance for the month im lookin at money that i dont have and i was planning this trip to go to mississippi this week so that my son can visit his family and now i cant go because i have bad tags and a suspended license...not to mention the stupid car needs to be fixed..but im fixing it this month anyway....i hate being pregnant and so dealing with this all on my shoulders alone because i cant tell anyone, and on top of it, the babys STUPID father wants me to get an ABORTION...i cant do it after all the info and insight ive seen...its just too cruel..i didnt want to become preggo but i guess that ultimately something slipped up and i have to deal with the consequences...ugh its sooo hard especially with my kids too...alone how do these women do these things? plus now im being taking off of the welfare because i no longer have any barriers keeping me from getting a job because i have a GED and job experience..but my friends on it and SHES GOING TO COLLEGE(hence even MORE education than i have) and she also has job experience...but i do have a barrier...there is absolutely NO WAY i can hold a job with this sickness...i cant hold down hardly anything and on top of that im moderately to severe anemic...i get so dizzy that i almost faint...and its scary because sometimes im holding my baby anfd i fall to the ground! hyperemesis isnt no joke...sometimes i actually have to go to the hospital to get IVs in me to rehydrate me, and when i get my prescription that helps stop the vomiting, i get sooooo drowsy that i seriously get knocked ive tooken vicatin or something!! tell me how THATS not a barrier? im not trying to make excuses for not getting a job seriously...because before all this i kept requesting for job training for culinary arts and she said that they were always full! i shouldve been top priority since i have 13th grade reading and math levels according to this TABE tests scores(ascessment tests) and some people only have 2nd grade levels!!! im not over exaggerating!! in in the top 5th percentile!! in the ten years of their operation i got the HIGHEST GED scores...average scores is 410 and i got the highest in 3 out of 5 tests...800...ugh they make me not saying that im like super smart but i shouldve been put in a job training program instead of being put in activities(certain job activities you have to do in order to recieve payments) that do MACARONI ART!! how is that helping me in establish a career?(which is supposedly their mission?) ok im sorry for griping i just really am at rock bottom i think(i hope least if im at rock bottom it cant get any worse) sucks thats just all there is to it(besides my kids that is)
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