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October 1st, 2010, 02:40 PM
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I got pregnant in 2008, had him in 2009. I got pregnant again in 2010 and will have this baby girl in 2010. I'm hoping to pull off a 2011 baby, but that's gonna be tricky...I'd have to get pregnant again in like January or February at the latest, and I don't know if my cycles will come back that quickly...but I guess I could technically get pregnant in 2011 and have the baby in 2012 and that would still count for this question.. lol.

My BIL and DH were talking...and BIL says he is trying to determine the over/under for when baby #3 is coming along cuz he says we're extra fertile and there's no denying there will be a #3. My DH replies that he thinks he'll get me pregnant again in January 2011... LOL!! I"m excited about that prospect, but am not anticipating the negative backlash from our society that is all about having the 1 boy and 1 girl family...

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