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October 2nd, 2010, 08:19 PM
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I love your euthusiasim girl (did i spell that right)!

Well had another rough day at work 2day. didnt really notice any symptoms today. i knw last nite i woke up twice to use the bathroom i mean if i didnt go i was gone use it on myself. i notice that during my 2ww i always have a urgency to go but not no other time. I dont knwo what that means. Cant w8 to get my progesterone levels back Monday I am so hopin that they come back normal or maybe even higher. If they not i might ask to be put on a progesterone supplement. Woke up this morning to a higher temp but i dont know if i should disgard it cuz it was extremely hot in my room when i woke. The ac does that when its cool outside it dont blow cool air but when its hot outside its freezin in my room. but i am the type who likes it to be cold even when its cold out! Well i am goin to take me a shower and hit the bed . TTYL

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