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October 3rd, 2010, 10:36 PM
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Well another long day at work but over all it was good. Had some pains on my left side today felt like my O pains but that couldnt have been what it is since i already o'd. Still having gushes of cm coming out of me. Had some twinges in breast start 2day. Also i was holding my pee this morning cuz i didnt want to wake up and when i finnaly used it i was inpain. my stomach hurted for a while. Wont do that anymore.
a co worker of mine had a baby shower I dont know her that well except hi and bye but i got her soemthing since she gave me an invite. I didnt know her name til she gave me that invitation. lol.. I couldnt make the shower but I had some1 bring my gift. I wish i could have went I would have loved to seen all the baby stuff. I love shoppin for babies. as u might already know from the stuff i have bought 4 a baby thats not even born yet. lol.... shux made yet! Me and Dh had a arguement 2day. I told him that i was tired of pickin up after him. I asked him whenwas the last time he washed a dish cleand a bathroom all he do is take out the trash after i fuss bout that! Im talking to him and he just rollin his eyes at everything i was sayin. i told him roll his eye one more time and he gone be sorry he rolled i walked off havent talked to him since. I come in he tryin his best to talk to me Im just ignoring him. So guess what he is doin right this very minute at 1130 at night washing the dishes and just took out all the trash. He know that I was not playin and if he didnt do something he wasnt gone get no act right from me. I told him i am his wife not his maid and something is goin to have to change. that goes for all of them the kids too. I stay picking up after them i cant take this anymore . its stressing me out. Just when i was arguing with him my stomach started crampin real bad now what if am preg that stress is not good for the baby. UGH I am so tired wanna get in the bed now. Saw some bfp's but not as many as last weekend. But good luck to all that have concieved and tryin to cocieve. Even my girls Toya and Mahogany we gone get there u just watch and i would love if we get there the same month! TTYL

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