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June 29th, 2006, 04:12 PM
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First of all CONGRADS on YOUR new grandbaby !!!
All I can say is just keep on trying..Never just give up and go away..
Im very close with my daughter and see my grandson all the time where as her mil doesnt and complains but then she makes no true effort which does not fly with my dd. And when my dd has tried to have her sit or just hangout she is always to busy..ugh its just a hard situation and a flipside to yours...
But I do know new mommies are very possisive and my dd was very clingy to me.
I know its hard on you and even hurtful and totally unfair but try to remain patient and hopefully she will see how genuine you are.
And I would say lucky to have a mil that cares !!!
Good luck

Thank you Shelly for your reply. It's good to hear the flipside of situations. I am by no means going to give up, this is my gs and I have already fell in love with him. I am off from work tomorrow and plan on getting some time in with him. I am going to call mom later and see if we can work something out for tomorrow. I will make every effort I can.
It would be really nice to hear from paternal and maternal grandmas while I work through all this.
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