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October 4th, 2010, 12:49 PM
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Thats how i was Toya having EWCM after O. Thats strange! Thanks for the kind words Jeanie. Yes me and hubby have resolved at least for now. I dont want him to think that 1 night of cleanin goin wipe out all the times he hasnt he needs to do more around the house so we shall c. Well ladies i have gotten my progesterone test back and it was 24.42 at 3dpo so that is pretty good compared to the 7.92 they were last month that i also took at 3dpo if i am not mistaking. I have a dr appt 2moro for a clomid check up whatever that is? Im kind of excited bout this cycle. I dont want to get my hopes up high but I dont want to be nonchalant bout it either. Im still having some uterus cramps and side cramps my breast hurt and this mornin woke up a lil nauseas. I dont expect pregnancy this cycle but it makes me feel lilke i am <--> this much close to it ya know. oh yea i am getting headaches and the gushing of fluid has not stopped either. Ugh i need to put a relaxer in my hair but sooo dont feel like doin it. i want to go get a relaxer then go get a hair cut i am so tired of my hair i want it OFF! Woke up this afternoon in a pool of sweat! Me and hubby decided to take a nap after we cleaned the house and put up laundry i woke up to use the bathroom and my shirt pillow and body was moist. I was like dang I am sweating he said idk y cuz its freezin in here! Idk whats thats bout! prob the clomid i know it gives u hot flashes but didnt think so far after u stop takin it. Just found out that my insurance hasnt paid my bill speakin of that i need to call them and c whats up. they talkin bout when the dr put me on clomid they no longer responisable for me. BS i still pay yall monthly yall gone pay for something. So i need to do that right now while i am thinkin bout it. Ya know i was thinkin bout how much i am doin to get preg and i am willin to do whatever but once i do fall preg i am goin to be right back on that roller coaster cuz i am goin to be so scared of loosin it. I want to cry right now just thinkin bout it. I dont know if i can handle loosin another baby. I want one so bad and when i finally see them 2 lines i can just imagine how happy but scared i am goin to be. Im gone feel like the shoe gone fall at any minute. Ugh I hate thinkin that way but its there and i cant shake the feeling.

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