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October 5th, 2010, 08:01 AM
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* What are your ultimate fitness goals? My ultimate goal is to lose enough weight to be 3 sizes smaller than when I got pregnant. Plus I have 10# left to get to that pre-pregnancy weight, so total right now, I'm looking at about 50 pounds or so.

* What is the reason for your goals? I think TTC took so long and we spent so much on MA because I was overweight and my estradiol levels were typically higher. I want to get preggo again fairly soon (age), without MA and so weight MUST come off. I also hate, hate, hate the way I look and my DH is so healthy and handsome, he deserves better than what I offer right now

*What is the timeframe you hope to accomplish this?
-Be back to pre-preggo weight by 8 weeks post partum (4 more weeks),
-by Jan 1 be down an additional 8 # at least (considering holidays, too!),
-and hopefully, by the beginning of April, 2011 when we really start TTC again, be down another 20 pounds,
-and then the remaining 12 will hopefully be gone by the 1st of June! So, I'm giving myself lots of time and I'll be thrilled if it comes off faster than that.

* What will you do to celebrate your successes? (it's important to do to keep momentum moving!) BUY NEW CLOTHES, especially PANTIES Something super pretty. AND take out my suits that will fit again. AND get TONS of pics with my family. I hate getting my pic taken right now
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