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October 5th, 2010, 02:21 PM
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I think NickJr rocks. Seriously, he has learned a TON from those shows. The list of things he has learned would be huge if I wrote it all out. We do alot with him too, but there are still many things that I am like where did you learn that and then realize it's from YGG, Dora, Thomas or Moose and Zee. (Puzzle time is one of his favorite things, LOL.) I do have to say that I cannot stand, Caillou--kid whines about everything, Ni-Hao--those animals throw the worst fits ever (yes they always work it out, but still it annoys me how bratty they are for over half the episode), and I'm not a huge fan of Max and Ruby either--but only because I would love to know where those kids parents are so Ruby can stop being so bossy all the time!
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