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October 5th, 2010, 04:46 PM
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First of all, all is well.

This afternoon at lunch time I went to the bathroom, and when I wiped I noticed there was just a little bit of blood mixed in the cervical mucuous. I wasn't sure if I should bother calling, but decided to since I am high risk, have had a miscarriage, and had to have progesterone supplements with my son. The nurse told me to come in because the doc wanted to check my cervical length, and I needed to get my rhogam since I bled. I was a little nervous at this point obviously. First they gave me the rhogam, and then I saw the ob. He checked me and said he saw some cells on my cervix that are probably what caused the bleeding. He didn't see any active bleeding at the time (and I haven't had any since) so he couldn't be certain, but he felt pretty confident. The cells, he said, were normal so nothing to worry about there. He also said that I didn't really need the rhogam since I'm not 10 weeks or more yet. He felt my uterus by pushing on it and said it definitely feels like a 6 week uterus. He decided to write me a prescription for Prometrium just in case since I have had to have it before and said it wouldn't hurt me if I didn't actually need it, but this way I already have it. He didn't really see much point in doing blood work. Then he said something that I wish he hadn't. He said that the Prometrium wouldn't cause me to miscarry or anything if I don't need it, but it also won't guarantee that I won't miscarry. Seriously?? Was that necessary?

He then had me get an ultrasound to check out my cervical length since I do have an incompetent cervix. I felt pretty certain it would be nice and long because it's still pretty early for me to be having problems with it. And I'm happy to say it's nice and long and closed. Yay! We weren't able to see the heartbeat because all we see still is the sac, but I still have my u/s scheduled for the 18th and will get to see it then.

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