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October 5th, 2010, 06:22 PM
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Not monitoring me at all. They wanted to do a internal at CD 13, but it was the weekend and they weren't open....never said anything about u/s. When I called to tell them I have started first pill of Femara, they said okay CD 13 internal and have sex night before appointment, then nurse figured out they were closed, and said okay come in for levels Oct. 11th.

At my appointment when I got on MA..Dr just told me how to take it...I was placed on Provera and once AF started take Femara CD 3-7. Get OPKs and monitor but that he was sure I would O CD 13/14. If I had any problems call.

I am now on CD 15. Any advice you can give me helps....I am so new to this..ask all the questions you want...I want to be informed as much as possible.
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