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October 5th, 2010, 06:36 PM
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Grrrr.... I hate when docs hand out meds and say... "Well this should work... good luck".

I for one didn't respond at all to femara. I don't ovulate unless I use a trigger to force ovulation. My body does everything it's suppose to, gears up to O but then never actually releases an egg.

My suggestion is to get some different OPK's and see what they show you, start test morning and night if you can, and if you don't see a positive within the next 5 days I would call your DR office to be checked. Ask for a trans-vaginal u/s to see if you have any follies in there, and what size they are if you have them. If you are respond well but just not able to ovulate, ask for a trigger to force those follies to release eggs.

And just to be sure, I'd be sure to BD at least every other day to cover your bases.

All this MA stuff can get a bit overwhelming, but it's really important (at least in my opinion) to have good monitoring while taking these kinds of meds. Once you know how your body is reacting to everything, it's one thing. But I hate when meds are given when they have NO CLUE how your body is going to respond to them.

And take notes when you are there for appointments. I try to write it all down, because when you leave sometimes it's all jumbled up and you can't remember what they all said. That way you can use Dr. Google and of course your JM family to bounce things off of.

Hang in there, it's all a lot to deal with but totally worth it in the end!

Yet another wonderful siggy by HeatherW.... thank you so much!!!

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