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October 5th, 2010, 07:02 PM
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I loved the cartoons we had way back when much more. We watch Doug and Rugrats on demand, I looooooved those shows when I was littler But there are some very cute shows Lily watches.

As a whole, Lily doesn't actively watch too much tv. The tv she does watch is monitored and I have to agree with it. She watches a lot of shows on noggin, discovery kids, disney, or on-demand, and there are some shows that she watches that teaches her stuff that I didn't even know. Like Crashbox, the show is a bit wacky but it teaches her cool stuff. I LOVE the show Crash Bang Splat, it has really neat experiments. I find myself making Lily watch that show because I like it so much! I used to not like her watching I-Carly, but I have to admit that show is one of my guilty pleasures. Even Tony sheepishly admitted he liked watching it That is probably one of her least educational show she watches.

I know many people don't like their kids watching TV, but I am fine with it as long as most of her shows are educational and appropriate for her age. Lily is most often doing something else like coloring, her workbooks, reading, playing with pet shops, etc... while watching TV, so she isn't just glued to the TV all day. It's more like background noise while she is doing other play activities.

There are certain shows/movies she is NOT allowed to watch, and that's anything with violence, gore, too many cuss words, bratz movies and shows, or something that just isn't really appropriate for her age. Spongebob pushes it, because it can have some really adult humor in it, but I have learned to actually like spongebob. Though I do push her to watch other shows or movies instead of spongebob.

Originally Posted by mayandsofiasmommy View Post
You don't have my favorites as options!!

I love Yo Gabba Gabba, Wonderpets, and Backyardigans (in that order)

YGG is awesome. Great messages, great music! My girls love shows that have lots of music in them. They also like Dora. I don't like Dora, I find her annoying, but the show is ok.

Sesame street is good, but I like the old school ones best. So, obviously we are a Nick Jr. family I do want to see that word show on PBS though. I forget what it is called.
I love YGG and Wonderpets (such a cute show!). My mom acted like she didn't know me when we went into Hot Topic and I had a complete fit over finding the cutest hoodie that I could wear... in YGG I proudly wear it, I love that show, lol.

You know what show I am sooooo glad Lily grew out of? Boohbah. Those things scared the crap out of me, lol
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