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October 5th, 2010, 07:12 PM
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I grandmother did the same thing to me...well both grandmothers do....My moms mom always gives me 20 dollars for Xmas but the other grandchildren get gift cards to dillards for a 100 dollars or new computers. My fathers mother gives me a stocking with smelly stuff (which always sticks) and candy. Hello, I know I am big but that's just crappy to just give me candy. Last year she gave my cousin a new car and his children tons of toys and clothes. She spent more on one outfit for his kid than she did my stocking. I know I saw the price tag still on it. Because of this I feel my grandmothers dont love me at all.

My dad bless his heart has stated that when she dies (I know horrible to say to your own mother) everything they (my parents) have given her comes right back to them and if they aren't around back to me. He said he would be d***ed if his nephews (same cousin) wife gets her grubby hands on the diamond neckless he gave her a few years ago.

Sorry to make this so long...I am sorry your MIL does this. I really hope your child is not affected the way I have been.
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