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October 5th, 2010, 09:59 PM
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Thank u Toya!!!!!

Well today was not such a good day. i was crampin so bad! I was at work and i kept heeling over in pain. I kept gettin waves of cramps down there and in my woo haa. I am wondering if i am constipated again. last time i felt that thats what the dr said i was full of POO POO lol.... I know i went yesterday evening and again 2day but maybe its not enough. i have tried to incorparate fiber into my diet like the doc said but i guess its not enough. i guess its back to me snackin on prunes. i even drink activia once a day. and have that pudding they have. nothing is working to help me more regular.. but i dont recall ever being regular in al my life. Well lets see what else symptoms i been having today headaches breast sensitive but only when touched nausea comes and goes and i was craving ketchup. Thats def new! i was eatin chicken and mash potatoes and got some ketchup for the chicken (which i never do either) and then i when the chicken was gone i wanted to dip my mash potatoes in the ketchup. Ewwww I restrained myself from that! I wanna test in the am but i am goin to hold off til sunday... i think.... lol.... TTYL

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