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October 6th, 2010, 07:40 AM
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My kids ahve my parents as well as my husbands dad and step mom too. She is really only hurting herself when she does stuff that like... If he grows up indifferent to her that's on her I have never stopped my husband from taking my son to see her ... she burnt her bridge with me but i don't keep my husband from his family. We certainly aren't materialistic people and it's not about the gift or the cost of the gift it's about they fact that he's 2 she asked us specifically what we needed for him we told her and she went out and bought something we asked her not to and then didn't even get what we asked... it's not like we called her up and were like you have to buy him this for his birthday... if you don't want to get him something useful than don't ask what we need...
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