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October 6th, 2010, 08:05 AM
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* What are your ultimate fitness goals?
Long term
Run at half marathon on March 20 (already registered for it!)
Run over 10 miles a week
Short term
By Halloween - lost 4 pounds (a pound a week) and lost 1 inch in my waist
By Thanksgiving - lost 8 pounds total and another inch in my waist
By Christmas - maintain the 8 pound weight loss through the holidays

* What is the reason for your goals?
I trained for the half last year and couldn't run it. So I want to finish that goal I set a year ago.
I need to lose the 8 pounds and two inches to feel good about how I look in my clothes. Right now, I can wear most of my pre-preggo clothes, I just hate how I look

*What is the timeframe you hope to accomplish this?
Listed with goals

* What will you do to celebrate your successes? (it's important to do to keep momentum moving!)
Halloween - new boots if I lose the 4 pounds
Thanksgiving - new Seven/True Religion/Citizen (can't decide which ones I want) jeans if I lose the 8 pounds
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