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October 6th, 2010, 02:32 PM
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first off id like to say thank you for your advice. and i will be making arragements to get out as of recently i have made it so at no point is my daughter out of sight with him its just not worth it to put my daughter at risk or possibly my new son when hes older. i just well bad that the younger DSS has to continue while dh turns a blind eye to it. he loves his sons but somethings wrong and the kid needs help. in DQ for petes sake the older actually touched him. its getting worse and im not staying. i can do this on my own. i just want to go back home to ohio but that may take a while as i need a divorce, set custody of our son which i will fight for no way hes staying to be treated to that type of actions. both boys mom has some mental problems of her own. but i fear its only a matter of time before he does something like that at the school. does anyone know about canadian divorce laws? im guessing ill need legal aid i have no job. and actually no where to really go when i leave. it just blows me away i never thought in my life id have to be afraid of what an 8 year old might do to my daughter. i feel lost. my daughter loves her stepdad too and hes a great guy but he completely ignores this behavior like it will go away. the response is usually "what you want me to do beat him til he gets the point." hes never actually beat him but he hates for these problems to be brought up. now its come to he said we have to just make sure hes not around her dont give him the chance well thats still sweeping the problem under the rug. all it takes is one chance to do it behind your back, but yea im getting out of here. im frustrated. i know it will break dh's heart and i feel like im asking him to choose between his son and me.
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