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October 6th, 2010, 09:49 PM
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Thanx ladies just seein your comments made my day!

Well 2day got better once i got to work. I started thinking that I cant throw in the towel yet. I give myself til the end of the year and i still have 2 more months and 3 more cycles. Then when i checked my email i got my ttc prediction back from jennyrenny and she said the samething cheri22 brooke777 said nov and girl!!!! yay so that gave me hope that there might be a chance and me and dh talked last nite and said that if we dont get preg by the end of the year which means when af shows for Jan we gone make an appt with a RE. We just gone fork over the money that needs to be paid to get this done becuz we really want this and willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Friday there is a few things that i have to take care of to prepare for this cycle. I want to get a new herb false unicorn root and some instead cups. I was told to try these things so I am goin to give a shot. I wish i had a ancupuncture down here. The closest one is 2 and half hours away. I hate stayin in a such a remote town. In New Orleans (where i am from) they had everything within 20 mins of each other. 2moro is 10 dpo and I know when i wake my temp gone take another dip. I just know. I didnt really feel any symptoms 2day. My breast tingled a couple of times and i felt a cramp every now and then got nauseas for a few seconds but nothing like yesterday. IDK what to think I just want this cycle over with so i can move on to the next. Im gone have a long talk with God 2nite and see if he can meet me half way. I know he does everything in his time frame i just wish he let me in on it cuz i am not a patient girl. LOL God knows i am just kidding. You do know that right God. I have never prayed so hard for anything. I feel like when i want something really bad I never get it. Stuff that i dont want r feel i need i get. He works in mystorious ways yes lord. i guess in the end i should be happy with the family i have now and appreciate that and I do. I love my family more than anything on this earth. I just want to add to it so it can be complete. I want to make my husband happy and give him a child of his own cuz he so deserve it. I feel like he's punishing me but in the end he is punishing him and my punishment is watching him goin through this. IDK... goin to take a shower and get ready for bed. TTYL

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